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Your Business is your Thought, NOT a Building, a Person or a Product. It's therefore, a way you showcase your problem-solving skills, to the world.

It’s not what you know that will improve your business. It’s what you don’t know that someone else knows. Talk to us Now.

A great Reason for owning your business is Mobility to be able to do the things you are passionate about, without being enslaved.

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building your economic castle

Investing business means FREEDOM to drive your passion and enjoy your life. Equity Market is currently a place of Value for Investment. Discover why, through or special webcast.

We invite you to a test drive our incisive peace of mind strategy for Profits and Safety!

This is how Professional Stock Market Investors - top 5% of investors (i.e. people inside the walls of financial markets - the Floor Traders, Institutions, Fund Managers, etc.) approach the market and build wealth in a steady and consistent manner.

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Partnership has its Privileges
Discover what makes our business a great investment for you.

We draw on decades of Experiences and Expertise across multiple disciplines that enables NTSL to connect the dots, for solving real world problems.

Our brand-new initiative is NTSL Vision Marathon Investment Partnership, for aggressive investors who can trust our investment culture for profits and safety, in rising and falling markets.

The initiative is to leverage our trading capital that – if things turned out as we expected, 10% of the profit – would be distributed in early 2022 to a charity working on solving a rare world problem.

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The Perfect Storm

Investment is all about being prepared for the future major declines. For example, the coming mother of all financial crisis that is about to bust open into the public arena, can be harbinger for most or offer extraordinary opportunities to those who are not handicapped by debt.

If you are educated about the Pending World Crisis that is unfolding, you can be well prepared to protect your family and grow your wealth at the same time. Topics include:

Investing in Equity Markets, in Any Direction
How To Protect Your Business & Family 
Building Business Without Walls
>> IT Disasters Recovery Plan


Find out more >> How to Future-Proof your Business and Family in Economic Crisis 

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