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You can now buy Russian Oil Products with Confidence using SPOT, FOB and CIF delivery procedures. Our Sellers are Major Refineries.

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BLCO Allocations Holder (JV Partnership)

BLCO (Bonny Light Crude Oil) is the most refinery-friendly crude oil on the planet. Because of the circumstances that have changed in the Nigeria Government, NTSL has now reinstated this service.  If you are interested in working with NTSL Team as JV partner in this venture, we would like to hear from you. 

The applicant must be well grounded in Oil Market and has proven financial capacity in the purchase of oil products with a minimum of 3 years consecutives history. 
Preferential treatment will be given to potential JV partner who is a Refinery owner; have Refinery Processing Agreement; or have a contract to supply a Refinery. Final JV Partnership will be negotiated.  Buyers’ Relations and Sourcing; Refinery Infrastructure and/or Refinery Processing Agreement may be part of final JV Partnership. 

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NTSL is a lighthouse in the fog of Nigerian BLCO (Bonny Light Crude Oil) market; and Russian Crude (REBCO) and Gas Oil (D2, JP54, M100, LNG, LPG) Market. Don't buy without talking to us first!  
Our BLCO sellers are Proven veteran sellers (Nigeria, Africa, USA and Europe) in BLCO market and able to meet very large quantity order from 2M to 10+ bpm.  Sellers' procedures for CIF and FOB, strictly DIRECT LOADING ONLY.
This market is very tough right now. There are far too many game players in last 10 years. Our focus is therefore on End Buyers that are well grounded in oil market; buyers that understand most of the unwritten secrets in the market, and who are able to manoeuvre tough terrains. As a buyer if you do not work with a certified Due Diligence Lawyer or Attorney, that speaks volume about your business operation!

A Buyer must have its own fund and adequate logistic in place before we start a buying process.
We provided a Special Buyer's Checklist to help you decide when you are ready to start the buying process. There is also a special FREE webcast to explain how the BLCO market works. That is peace of mind so you can now buy with Confidence.
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